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What are the class objectives?
Are there any technical requirements?
What is the subject matter of the training?
Is this course required?
How will I learn?
What versions are available?
What are the requirements to finish?
How do I get the most out of the training?
What is the grading policy?
Are there any terms and conditions?
What are the course policies?
What is monitored and recorded?
Who is responsible for my learning?
What is the grading method?
Who owns this course?

Objectives: (Back to top)

Why can’t technology services be sold utilizing a traditional sales approach?
What methods can I employ to make selling services more efficient and more lucrative?
How can I improve my take rate, customer loyalty, my commission check and the company’s bottom line?

You will learn…
… to successfully sell services using the Best Practices of services selling.
… how to develop lasting sales relationships that are predicated on trust and loyalty.
… the benefit of adopting a belief system that is congruent with your service organization.

Technical requirements:(Back to top)

The training is designed to be viewed through a browser. Any additional plug-ins necessary for viewing this presentation are resident in most current browser configurations. This course has been tested on Macintosh and Windows OS’s.

Course Syllabus: (Back to top)

The Strategic Value of Service:
The Value-Based Sales Process:
Creating a Relationship:
Diagnosing Motivations:
Proposing and Closing:
Handling Objections:
Secrets of Selling Service:

Is this course required? (Back to top)
This course is highly recommended for anyone whose responsibility includes positioning the value of services to customers.

Style of instruction: How you will learn. (Back to top)

The Value Based Selling series is a self-paced, non-facilitated, activities based, on-line web training class. VBS is not a lecture based webinar, but rather a dynamic, interactive training course. Successful completion of the class is predicated on your understanding and assimilation of the skills and theories presented.

You will review the materials presented in each module. After each of the first five modules, you will need to pass a module test. You will receive immediate feedback after each question and at the end of the test regarding your score. A demonstrated proficiency (80%+) will allow access to the next training module. If you score below the accepted percentile, you will have one additional opportunity to pass the test. If you fail the second test, you will be redirected to the beginning of the module. You will have to go through the module material again before taking the test. After successfully completing the testing section, you will be allowed to proceed to the next module.

After completion of the on-line materials, you will be asked to perform a role play with a supervisor or peer (modules 2-5 only). Demonstrating an understanding of the necessary skills and techniques for selling services is imperative to using these skills in a client situation. You will be on the honor system to check that you’ve completed these role plays. It is strongly advised to practice the role plays.

Versions Available: (Back to top)
High Speed internet suggested. Training materials load sequentially based on connection speed.

Required Behaviors: (Back to top)

It is required that you complete all of the modules, pass each test and complete each role play. Your progress and demonstrated proficiency will be monitored throughout the course. However, you alone are responsible for your learning. Please plan your participation with the goal of timely completion and successful integration of the course materials in mind.

How to get the most out of this Course. (Back to top)

Schedule your training time in a planner and commit yourself to the schedule. A low distraction location is recommended. If you have a learning center this can be the best place to take the class.

Use the worksheet implementation pages printable from within each module to review course objectives, make notes on valuable information presented and brainstorm ideas to implement these ideas into your sales process. Do the activities!

Practice the skills with your peers. Team up with one or two other sales people to review and critique the sales techniques. This will add tremendously to your confidence in incorporating your new skill base in a client situation.

Work together with other sales personnel. This is a company wide initiative. Help others.

Grading Policy - Procedure and Graduation. (Back to top)

Upon completing each module, you will be presented with a test. You must score 80%+ to advance to the next module. These tests are automatically tabulated in the VBS learning management system. You will be given two attempts to pass the test. A demonstrated proficiency through testing of the skills and beliefs taught in the course will be the main criteria for graduation.

Terms and Conditions: (Back to top)

To take this course you must agree to the following:

This course is solely for the use of the individual who is registered.

As a student of this course I agree to conduct myself in a manner as spelled out in The Course Policies.
I will strive to complete the course in the allotted time and will give this training initiative my best effort.

Course Policies: (Back to top)

What Can I do with the materials in this course?

The materials in this course were designed to assist you in developing the skills necessary to be a successful services seller. You may review, read, interact and print any information that is in the course. You may not, however, let others not registered to this course view or read any of the materials, either on the screen or printed out. You may not make copies of these materials for incorporation into other non-company related works.

You are encouraged to use the materials that you create in this course. However, you can not use materials created by others, without their permission.


Except for the information that you share with our instructor and with other learners enrolled in his class, your contributions are private.

Your grades, scores on tests, submitted materials, and comments on surveys are confidential to this class. The class authors will not sell this information or use it in any manner other then to refine the coursework materials or manner in which they are presented.

In any interaction with instructor, fellow learner, or sponsoring organization, you are expected to identify yourself with your real name and/or email address. Only managers and class Admin will have access to your name and e-mail address.

What is Monitored and recorded? (Back to top)

Your progress through this course is monitored in the VBS learning management system. This LMS is accessible by managers and admin staff only. In addition to your progress through each module, your test scores, and number of attempts to pass the tests is reviewable by admin staff.

Who is Responsible for my learning? (Back to top)

It is your responsibility to learn the material in this course to a level of knowledge that is commensurate with the class objectives. Classmates and management are here to assist in that process, the responsibility of learning is yours.

Grading Method: (Back to top)

Students will not be given a traditional classroom assessment, A, B, C, D, F. However, in order to proceed through the course you will need to score (80%+) on a multiple choice test.

Copyright Page: (Back to top)

This course is Copyright 2006-2007 Hahn Consulting Inc. All rights reserved. Materials in this course may not be reproduced electronically or optically without express written permission from the copyright holder. Portions of this course use material from the handbook, “Value-Based Selling” “Best Practices for Selling Technology Services” Student Workbook, by Hahn Consulting, Inc. Copyright 2006. These materials are used with permission. For reprint permissions please contact

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