Hahn Consulting Training team
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Al Hahn-
CEO Hahn Consulting
John Garofalo-
Head of Training Development

Alfred P. Hahn is a service industry consultant with over 30 years of experience in technology. He has developed service organizations both in the US and worldwide. Mr. Hahn has served as an executive of several high tech manufacturers including two stints as CEO. He has consulted to high technology companies since 1988,specializing in the marketing and sales of services.

In his consulting practice, he works with the world's leading companies. Some of these include, 3Com, AT&T, Alcatel, Apple Computer, Cisco, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Intergraph, Motorola, Oracle, Kodak, SGI and Uniysis.

His consulting firm, Hahn Consulting Inc, provides market research, competitive analysis, strategic planning, design of services, service pricing, marketing communications, merger/acquisition assistance, and the launching of new services. The company provides sales and marketing training specific to services for its technology clients.

John Garofalo has conducted sales training for over twenty-thousand professionals in organizations that include: AFSMI, GenRad, Intel, PacCom, American Network, Blue Cross, Spokane Industries, Hotel Sales Management Association, International Newspaper Association Sequent, and Georgia Pacific.

John assists people in organizations to address key opportunities for improving productivity job satisfaction and individual commitment.

He's in high demand as a consultant for strategic and long range planning, culture change, team-building, personal productivity and executive coaching.

Drawing on his rich and broad background, John designs and conducts training development programs internationally. A former sales and marketing executive, educator and professional baseball player, he translates complex theoretic models of human performance into practical concepts.
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